What differences between the oxime and alkoxy silicone sealant?

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  • Date:2021-12-08


The acetoxy silicone sealant is the first product developed in the development of a one-part silicone sealant; it releases acetic acid during curing. The users discovered that the acetic silicone sealant is corrosive to metal and reacts with alkaline substrates. The neutral silicone sealant was created for the reasons stated above. The neutral silicone sealant is used in a variety of building materials, including glazing, windows, plastics, and other construction sectors.


Moreover, the neutral-curing system has many advantages:

-       No primer is needed

-       Lower odour than the acetic silicone sealant

-       Wide range of materials can be accepted, including metal, alkaline, plastics, etc.

-       UV resistance

-       Optimum adhesion


Furthermore, the neutral silicone sealant has been classified into two systems: alkoxy cure and oxime cure. Let me explain the distinctions between alkoxy silicone sealant and oxime silicone sealant from features, advantages, disadvantages and application.


Oxime Silicone Sealant:


Oxime System releases an oxime as they cured.


-       Good adhesion to plastics, aluminium composite panels, and most other substrates

-       Easy to apply

-     Good weather resistance: no obvious change at the temperature between -50°C and 150°C.


-       Corrosive to cooper and mirror

-       Higher VOC


-       General-purpose sealing and boding to various materials, including plastics and vinyl substrates.

-       Caulking and sealing of window, door frame, skylights, gutters, and so on.


Alkoxy silicone sealant:


The Alkoxy system releases alcohol (methyl or ethyl) as they cured.


-       Low cost.

-       Alkoxy sealants have good adhesion without corrosiveness.

-    Good heat resistance: remaining effective at higher temperatures, up to 150°C.

-       Real Green Product: Almost no VOC and odour.

-       Low orders of toxicity.

-       Suitable sealing and bonding for a wide range of building materials, especially non-corrosive towards mirrored surfaces and cooper.

-       Bonding polyacrylates and polycarbonates.


-       Take care of the storage environment, as the alkoxy silicone sealant is susceptible to extreme heat and cold temperatures.


-       General-purpose sealing and bonding of windows, doors frame, pipes, mirrors, and so on.

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