Commercial-grade Silicone Caulking Types

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  • Date:2022-04-14


Nowadays, commercial-grade silicone caulking types are light years ahead of any other sealants available.


Haohong Silicone Sealant Are Perfect for:

-       Residential Caulking

-       Commercial Caulking

-       Industrial Caulking

-       Interior Surfaces Caulking


Weather Resistant

- Haohong Sealants maintains full flexibility from as low as -40°C to 150°C.

 - A high-temperature silicone sealant

- Haohong Sealant has the best temperature range of any caulking and the best-limited flexibility consistency. It will never melt during the hottest days, nor will it stiffen and rupture even during the worst polar vortex, never peeling, splitting, or cracking.

- Haohong performs better than other types of sealants during heat waves, exposed to the sun and UV rays, while others may form bubbles and craters in the heat of summer, under the beaming sun rays, silicone will remain seal tight.


Cures Faster

- Haohong's sealant has the advantage of curing faster than other brands of silicone caulks. This severely limits the time for contaminants to come in contact with the finished seal.


Easy to caulk with:

Haohong’s sealant has a thicker consistency and reduces the likelihood of dripping from the sealant material.

- Haohong’s sealant doesn’t have a typical robust silicone smell

- Haohong can be applied at much wider temperature ranges. While many types of sealant fail to stick or will deform and leak in colder temperatures, Haohong Silicone Sealant is applied as low as -40°C.


Waterproof Silicone Sealant:

Haohong’s sealant has excellent hydrophobic, meaning it will repel water off its surface. Water droplets will bead on the surface like freshly waxed car paint.


Blemish Resistance:

Haohong sealant is resistant to stains and mould growth, while some of the other competitor caulking brands are prone to spot and stain easily, quickly losing their new appearance.


Easy to clean:

Haohong Sealant is the easiest type of caulking to wash. Any surface dust is easily washed away with a friction alcohol damped cloth.


Perfect Silicone Joints:

Haohong’s sealant will not change colour or fade under UV rays; whites never turn yellow and grey, and the black silicone sealant remains as dark as the day it was applied. Nothing makes caulking look older than the color fading or turning yellow.


Adheres to a variety of surfaces

Haohong’s sealant has the best bond to glass, making it the only sealant to be applied as a replacement joint.

It can bond to any other type of residual caulking left within the pore of bricks, stones or mortar left behind during the removal process.

- It is relatively easy to remove with a simple blade.


Colour Variety

Haohong has a selection of 160 different colours to choose from within their Haohong colour chart, making it easy to colour match your existing windows, doors, siding, or painted surfaces.

- Color customization:

Providing the substrates to the technical departments, we can provide professional colour customization to our users.





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