Yearly Output

Quality Products

Purchase raw material from the top company

Test raw material for each batch

28 Years Mature Technology of Silicone Sealant Production Experience

The Fully Automated Silicone Sealant Production Line

Keep and test sample for each batch

Customized Services

Based on the customer’s situation, Haohong will provide a professional suggestion and recommend suitable products to clients

According to the customer’s requirement, Haohong provides customized product to clients

Short Lead Time

Haohong’s brand 7-10 days lead time

OEM/ODM services 15-20 days lead time

Complete the Research & Development Team

Our R&D team including the products team and production line team

The Products team will continue to innovate new product

The Production Line team will optimize the manufacturing process continuously

The combination with both, they devote to providing more quality products to customer

The biggest bright spot full automatic production

The biggest bright spot full automatic production

Since 2008, we have operated the first fully automated silicone sealant production line, which becomes the first silicone sealant manufacturer using production line to production in Asia. Haohong becomes the leading enterprises in the Industry.

Haohong processes 16 sets of Independent Research and Development Fully Automated Double Screw Silicone Production Line, which including the acetic and neutral silicone sealant. The production line process including from the silicone sealant making to the filling to the cartridge/sausage package.

The fully automated silicone sealant production line, which ensures the silicone sealant without bubbles and particles, and quality stability. Also, it encourages Haohong to escape from the labor-intensive and the cost has decreased, which promote Haohong to provide more quality products and competitive price to clients.

Provide free compatibility testing

Provide free compatibility testing

Construction Building Projects ----- Compatibility Test Solutions

Due to the diversity of the building materials, Haohong recommends the construction company do the compatibility test before the construction process. Thus, Haohong provides a FREE Compatibility Test to our customers. The clients provide the sample building material to us, and we will test which adhesive products can be used in the specific building materials.





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