Sealing & Assembling Hardware Silicone Sealant

Why Use Hardware Silicone Sealant?

In the industrial sector, sealing hardware plays a critical role in ensuring components are securely fastened within a system and preventing contaminants—such as liquids and gases—from moving through the sealed area. Depending on the type of hardware—e.g., screws, nuts, bolts, and washers—and design employed, industry professionals can also take advantage of additional functions and features.


Benefits of Using Hardware Silicone Sealant

When exposed to variable internal and external pressures and high vibration levels, fasteners in fluid systems can experience improper or inadequate sealing that leads to the leakage of the process fluid and loss of pressure. These effects, in turn, affect the integrity and efficiency of the process and the performance and stability of the system—ultimately leading to lower productivity, greater downtime, and larger investments into maintenance and repair operations.


For situations where regular fasteners are unable to prevent the unintentional flow of fluids, hardware silicone sealant serves as an excellent solution. The specialized fasteners are designed to contain and prevent contaminants, such as air, dust, water, and lubricants, from leaking out of or into sealed areas of a system.


Regardless of the type of hardware silicone sealant employed, ensuring it performs its critical function necessitates choosing the right solution for the system. Proper selection entails considering several factors regarding the particular system—such as process fluids and operating pressures and temperatures—and sourcing quality products from a reputable supplier.





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