General Glazing Silicone Sealant

What is a Glazing Sealant?

A glazing sealant is a sealant used in the process of glazing. Glazing which derives from the Middle English for "glass" is a part of a wall or window, made of glass. Haohong has a wide variety of products that can be used to suit a wide variety of applications.


Glazing sealants are employed for flexible sealing of the connection joint between the window frame and the glass or between two panes of glass. Extremely high UV and weather resistance are absolute requirements in applications.


Benefits of Using a Glazing Sealant

1. Moisture Repellency & Visibility

Those who use glazing sealants typically do so for the barrier against moisture. As I'm sure you've seen, a protected glass surface beads up nicely and allows moisture (rain, sleet, snow) to run rapidly off of the surface.


2. Less (and easier) Cleaning

A protected surface, be it paint or glass, is easier to clean. All the other lovely junk that lands on your glass are much easier to remove with a base layer of protection because the substance is not allowed to fully adhere to the glass itself. This means less scrubbing and less aggravation.


3. Good Thermal Stability

A glazing sealant's durability is related to its ability to withstand temperatures without reacting to them. No matter how extreme the heat or cold you expose glazing silicone sealants too, you'll find they are able to withstand it. Their elasticity and flexibility allow them to withstand temperatures other materials are unable to.





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