What is The Difference Between Silicone Glue and Structural Glue?

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What is the difference between weatherproof silicone sealant and structural silicone sealant?


Structural Silicone Sealant:

The structural silicone sealant has high tensile strength, elongation rate, and viscosity. It must pass the 1MG GB 16776-2005 specification. The compression strength of the structural silicone sealant must be greater than 65 MPa, the steel–steel forward tensile bonding strength b must be greater than 30 MPa, and the shear strength must be greater than 18 MPa.

The properties of structural silicone sealant are as follows:

1. It is suited for large-scale curtain wall structural adhesion

2. Provide a safety factor of more than 8 times

4. Excellent weather resistance, can function for 50 years under typical temperature conditions

3. Neutral curing, non-corrosive to metal and coated glass

Weatherproof Silicone Sealant:

Weather resistance silicone sealant must pass a purposely accelerated weathering test, demonstrating that the sealant is unaffected by sunshine, rain, snow, ozone, and temperatures ranging from -40°C to 150°C.

The following are the functions of waterproof silicone sealant:

1. It's applied for curtain walls, outside walls, interior decorating bonding, and joints, among other things.

2. Non-corrosive to metal, tiles, granite, stone, and glass due to neutral curing

3. Long-lasting work that can withstand changes in the weather or temperature. 

The difference between structural silicone sealant and weatherproof silicone sealant

Weatherproof Silicone SealantStructural Silicone Sealant
CuringNeutral Curing, non-corrosive to various materials, coated glass, aluminium,              aluminium composite panel, PVC, stone, granite, and so on.
UsesSeam sealing waterproof, weatherproof   joints, and bondStructure and non-structure assembly     glass of glass curtain walls
Bond Performance (Same Grade)Multiple purpose sealing with weather resistanceStronger adhesive ability than                weatherproof silicone sealant
Displacement Capacity (Same Grade)HigherLower
Elongation at break (Same Grade)LowerHigher
Tensile Strength (Same Grade)LowerHigher
Hardness (Same Grade)LowerHigher
Price (Same Grade)LowerHigher

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